About Us

NanoRaven is a company based in France focused on communications solutions for CubeSats. Our mission is to provide compact and robust solutions for reliable communication between CubeSats and ground stations. We want to reduce the failure rate of CubeSat missions such as reported around the globe in the past decade.

Our product portfolio includes communications subsystems based on worldwide standards used for designing and operating space systems. Our implementations encompass all the robustness of these standards while preserving the simplicity and low-costs which are the basis of CubeSats.

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The company was created as a spin-off from two Brazilian CubeSat missions: Serpens-1 (picture) and FloripaSat. The founders were approved in the second edition of the French Tech Ticket Program (Project CubOS) and received support to start their business in France.

Our Board

Our team has a strong research and industry background, with experience in the design and test of space systems. We are currently looking for new members who are passionate about technology like us, check out the opportunities in the Careers section!